A downloadable game

I want to make a RPG with 3 main Components:

- round-based fighting with the possibility of a complex fighting style (I'll start with ranged weapons and the need to walk into attack range and combos and go onward from there)

- A city with many stores and workshops for your needs. (eventually your own shop you can buy, restock and asign employees to)

- A textbased-heavy Dungeon

My first goal is to release a playable version until the 21.12. that contains the following:

- at least 3 classes: melee, ranged and mage

- 1 town

- 1 arena (towerstyle, aka fight enemy get to the next floor or quit for cash and loot)

From then on i will work at least 30 minutes daily and release patches as periodically asl possible.

I still need some people that help me with sprites, since im not that good at it and alphatesters. i will give away a total of 10 alphatester keys, 5 of which ive already chosen.

Perks of alphatesters and designers:

- Get your own NPC/ Enemy/ Vilage in the game by the time i move into beta (presumably in late 2017)

- as soon as the beta is released you get a second key for free to share it with your friends.

- the story im also writing, and will be releasing on itch.io, about a very important character (not yet supposed to be in the game, as it plays 5 years before the story) in the same society as the main character. the story features the full history of said society and another conflict between the three main ocupations.

those who want to be a designer or alphatester please apply to DragonbreathLP@gmail.com

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